Things You Should Never Throw Down the Sink

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Clogged kitchen sinks is just one of the most common problem with plumbing faced by thousands (if not millions) of homeowners anywhere in the world.

Kitchen sinks getting clogged is mainly caused by various items thrown down the sink. Most of the time, these various items consist of food waste that are hard to break down, leading to blockages.

So, naturally, in order to avoid having our kitchen sink being blocked, we have to refrain from throwing specific items down the drain.

To be more specific, here are some of the items you should never throw down the kitchen sink:

Paint – Paint is sticky and hard to remove – just look at your painted walls. Additionally, paint can be extremely condensed when poured down such a narrow item like drain pipes. There’s a great chance this paint will harden while stuck inside the drains, blocking the way.

Egg shells – Egg shells won’t only impede the flow of items down the drain, they can also catch some solid items thrown in your drain such food bits. As a result, the size of blockage becomes larger over time, causing an even bigger obstruction.

Pasta – Pasta tends to absorb water. If you throw it down the sink, it will expand to a bigger size, hence a bigger blockage since water is almost always getting poured down your kitchen sink.

Potato peels – Just like egg shells, potato peels make the draining of your pipes a lot more difficult. Don’t throw potato peels on your sink – thrown them with your other household garbage or mix them in a compost instead.

Cooking fat – Before washing your used frying pan in the sink, remove the used oil from it by putting it in another container. Fat, oil, and grease are some of the worst things that can be thrown down the drain. They become solid after just a few hours and leads to your drains being blocked.

Butter – Butter would block the drains just like fat would, so avoid throwing it on your kitchen sink.

Morris Alexander